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Juvederm is a gel-like product called hylauronic acid, found in our skin.  It increases the fullness in the treatment areas, helping to restore volume, or reduce wrinkles.
Treatments are well tolerated, and for sensitive areas, or if requested, we can use a topical numbing gel prior to treatments to make injections virtually pain free.
The results are immediate, and continue to improve over the weeks following injection, lasting up to 9 months.
Juvederm Tretment Sites
Most common areas as outlined on picture
Also able to use to aid in reduction of fine lines
around face, please see me to discuss
People Who Cannot Have Juvederm
•Known allergy to hylauronic acid (very rare)


•Certain medications

     – tetracycline, aminoglycosides, blood thinners, prednisone

•Bleeding disorders


Side Effects of Juvederm Injections

•Erythema (redness at injection site)

•Edema (swelling)

•Eccymosis (brusing)

•Infection - <1%

- important to ensure sterile equipment and procedure technique

•Allergy - <1%

What to Expect During Visit
You will have a personal, one-on-one consult with Dr. Sonya Cull to find out all the information.  If you would like to proceed you may have a treatment the same day, or re-book for future if interested.  There is no commitment.
Treatments are approximately 45 minutes, and when you leave you return to your regular day, but may have some bruising, swelling, and mild discomfort over the treatment areas.  You may apply makeup after 12 hours.  It is advisable to sleep on your back for the first 48 hours to ensure the gel stays in place.  For these reasons, people often avoid any special events for a week or so after receiving filler treatments.
A post treatment appointment is booked at 4 weeks to ensure goals were met, and to get feedback on the experience and modify the treatment if desired.
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